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Please find below feedback from teachers who have experienced great results
from the Quick60 program:

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Quick 60 is a much needed addition to reading materials for beginners. It provides non-fiction selections at the earliest levels of instruction, not an easy task. In addition to the non-fiction which teaches young students about the world, the program has a number of helpful features. The word identification skills are taught systematically and explicitly. The author has cleverly worked words into the text that relate to the phonics lessons without the contrived and artificial texts which have so often characterized phonics instruction.
An innovation is the color-coded record of reading behavior sheets which indicates how a word should be identified. For example, new decoadable words are in red while new high frequency words are in blue. This aids the teacher in diagnosing word identification needs. Speaking of color, the color photographs throughout the books are exceptionally well crafted. They convey information clearly and are also attractive aesthetically.


Finally, lesson plans are very thorough and provide ample help for the novice teacher. Of course, experienced teachers will find additional ways to adjust lessons to their own students needs.
I would highly recommend this program for beginning readers as well as for students who have gone through a typical first grade program but are struggling to reach grade level. It has been very helpful to me in working with a struggling second grader this past year.

Dr. Bill Oehlkers, East Providence, Rhode Island 









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While doing a running record on my naughtiest student, he made a couple of errors which he self corrected.  On completion I was so happy, I shed a couple of tears.

When the student asked me why I was crying I explained it was because I was so proud of him and the hard work he has been doing in our reading group. He just looked at me and gave me the biggest smile and we both laughed about how well he was doing.

Another of my students whilst reading 'I thought I'd get a Hippo', said when he got stuck on a word, "don't tell me Naomi, I've had this word before I'm thinking!"

Interestingly enough both boys are the first to arrive to class and always their first question is what's our new book?

Naomi - Edmund Hilary Primary, Papakura





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I am finding the Quick60 books an excellent resource for developing comprehension strategies, and have a noted a definite improvement in engagement with text, when using these with a number of different students.

Bernadette Heibner - RT Lit



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Just a note of thanks for a great product from a satisfied customer. The Quick60 for older readers are producing miracles. A case in point, an 11 year old boy who was reading at Level 14 at the beginning of term three is now reading Level 21 with fluency and self-monitoring. The lesson plans have been the best and teacher aides are able to follow them successfully. Keep up the great work Sandra and team, and I'll spread the word about your services.

Brett Warburton - RTLB based at Woodstock School, Hamilton


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We have (both teachers AND children) really enjoyed the books and the programme. We found it extremely comprehensive, well planned and highly motivating to our students.

The 3 students chosen for your trial have a range of factors which have delayed their literacy development and we are thrilled at the remarkable progress they have made in a very short time using Quick60.

Kris McLennan - Halfway Bush School, Dunedin

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