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Science and Social Studies Themes
levels 1-8

The Little Books of Answers are a set of 60 factual books, levelled from magenta to yellow. The books cover ten themes, five science and five social studies themes, with six books in each theme. Each book in a theme starts with one of the following words - WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY or HOW. The text provides the answer or answers to the question.

The Little Book of Answers teach your students how to -
*  ask and answer questions
*  read text to answer specific questions
*  use captions and labels to increase comprehension
*  use visual literacy features to enhance comprehension
*  think critically about a topic

Single title  NZ$6.75
Full Set Little Book of Answers Set 1 (60 books) NZ$405.00     
prices exclude gst

To view specification grids for titles in each level, click here

To view Little Book of Answers teacher support materials  click here
Teacher support materials include a lesson plan for each book, with before, during and after reading suggestions. The lesson plans guide teachers through each lesson and provide students with consolidation activities. Also included are two photocopiable masters for students to complete after reading each book.

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D9 When Do Trees Look Different cover

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