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Books for Future Scientists is a series of 36 chapter books full of action and packed with science facts ideally suited to the integrated curriculum. There are 12 books at each lower, middle and upper level.

Each book contains:
*  five chapters - use chapter by chapter for guided reading or use entire book for
    independent reading and literature circles.
*  charts, diagrams, graphs, maps, and tables, to set the scene for reading and clarify
    the scientific content
*  a quiz and quiz clues at the end of each book
*  literacy and science skills and knowledge activities
*  a full glossary of scientific terms used in the book

Single title  NZ$ 9.75   
Full Set Books for Future Scientists (36 books) NZ$351.00
prices exclude gst

For a list of the Books for Future Scientists titles click here

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Lower Level titles -  Reading age 8-9 years

L_Bad Moon Rising_hr.jpg

L_ Get Me Out of Here_cvr.jpg

L_ Jed & the Robot_cvr.jpg

L_The Useless Tree_cvr.jpg

L_ Against the Odds_cvr.jpg

L_Net Navigator_cvr.jpg



L_The Funniest Ferret_cvr.jpg

L_Sky Farmers_cvr.jpg

L_Slimy Slug Planet_cvr.jpg

L_Rumbling Beneath the Surface_cvr.jpg

Middle Level titles  -  Reading age 9-10 years

M_Alexander Becomes and Astronaut_US cvr.jpg

M_Battered to Bits_cvr.jpg

M_Cassandras clever dad_cvr.jpg

M_Day of Fire_Cvr.jpg

M_Desert Race_cvr.jpg

M_Hurricane Tamer_cvr.jpg

M_Isabella Remington_cvr.jpg

M_Magnets Malwinski_cvr.jpg

M_Beyond the thicket_cvr.jpg

M_The Wild Ride_cvr.jpg

M_Trouble on the Track_cvr.jpg


Upper Level titles  -  Reading age 10-11 years

U_Amazon Adventure_cvr.jpg

U_Beat the Buzzer_cvr.jpg

U_Crash Landing_cvr.jpg

U_Deadly Space Race_cvr.jpg

U_Dramatic Discovery_cvr.jpg

U_Fight or Flight_cvr.jpg

U_Final Wave Goodbye_cvr.jpg

U_ Furturistic Park_cvr.jpg

U_Miners and The Morkoths_cvr.jpg

U_Saving the Sun_cvr.jpg

U_The Spooky Man Upstairs_cvr.jpg

U_secrets of the Sky_cvr.jpg

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